Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service define our relationship with our customers.

Defining Terms

These Terms of Service (“Terms”) and Privacy Policy apply to the subscriber, the company represented by the subscriber, or others authorized or otherwise unauthorized to use the subscribers account (Hereafter referred to as “Customer”) and upon subscription to the hosting services (“Service”) provided by Full Spectrum Internet Hosting (“FSIH”) the Customer agrees to these Terms. These Terms may be changed at any time with prior notice to the Customer by FSIH. FSIH is owned and operated by Full Spectrum Internet Marketing.

Terms of Service

  1. Customer may not use the Service to post or manage inappropriate or illegal content or content which violates any copyright or patent, including but not limited to: Adult or Pornographic material of any kind, Pirated Software and Media, Fraudulent Sites and Hacker related sites. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FSIH from any claims resulting from the use of the Service.

  2. Customer may not use the Service to send unsolicited bulk messages (Spam) via e-mail or newsgroups. If FSIH deems the Customer is sending Spam, the Service may be terminated and the Customer’s account cancelled.

  3. Customer agrees to make payment for the Service otherwise the Service will be terminated by FSIH and the Customer’s account cancelled.

  4. The fee for the Service will be refunded upon written request if Customer is not satisfied within 30 days of initial opening of Customer’s account with FSIH.

  5. Customer must have legal authority to enter into binding agreements for him/herself and/or on behalf of his/her organization with FSIH.

  6. FSIH reserves the right, upon reasonable notice, to make changes to the Service we provide.

  7. FSIH will provide reasonable notice of intent to make a change to prices.

  8. Customer agrees to provide valid contact information and update that information if it changes.

  9. FSIH provides a Service which is potentially secure, however it is the Customer’s responsibility to protect their account and login information and to maintain their web site in order to protect from any outside malicious intent, breach of security or loss of data or privacy. FSIH does not assist in the setup, creation or maintenance of the Customer’s website or any other content the Customer chooses to use the Service for.

  10. The definition of “No Limit” means FSIH does not restrict usage of resources on the Customer except that no Customer may in any way affect the service for other Customers by misusing their allocated resources.

  11. Customer may not resell any of the Service provided by FSIH.

  12. Migration Assistance is offered as a courtesy and is not guaranteed in any way, including the success of any attempt made on behalf of FSIH to migrate the Customer’s content from their previous hosting provider, or the time involved in migrating.

  13. FSIH reserves the right to cancel the Customer’s account for any reason including use of profanity or abuse against FSIH.